Conceived as a hub of creative ideas, a space both physical and conceptual where apparently distant projects intersect and become complementary, Six is one of the most fascinating treasures of the city.

The location, an intimate and secret corner behind a large gate in via Scaldasole, characterized by a typical Milanese courtyard with tropical vegetation. The patio features old-fashioned balconies and large, arched openings from the original Sixteenth-century building, formerly an ancient monastery. Immersed in a timeless atmosphere, the space is divided into several areas, each dedicated to a specific aspect of the overall universe of Six: food, with Sixième bistro, design, with Galleria featuring unique design and art, selected materials , with Forest Design Materioteca, visual design with Choice Studio.

Six was born from the idea of the entrepreneur Mauro Orlandelli to create "a holistic container, where the final result is higher than the sum of its addends. With him, art director Samuele Savio and architects David Lopez Quincoces and Fanny Bauer Grung, head of the Quincoces-Dragò studio, shaped the initial vision, collaborating - each with their own experience and stylistic code - to the overall configuration of the project.

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